Never Been In Love

“The more people you love, the weaker you are.” – Cersei Lannister

Love is something I’ve always been a bit cynical about. Not because I don’t believe it exists or because I think “love makes you weak” (though Cersei Lannister might have had a point), but because of how freely people declare their love for someone and how quickly they can then dismiss the person who was supposedly the ‘love of their life’. Love is supposed to make you both happier and stupider, but once the infatuation phase is over how much real love is left? And is true love a fact, or is it more of an emotional opinion? Is there a certain amount of standards your love has to meet for it to be considered the real deal?

  1. Be head over heels
  2. Be willing to sacrifice your job, friendships and dignity OR sacrifice a baby lamb in place of those listed
  3. Remember when Meat Loaf said “I would do anything for love, but I wouldn’t do that”? Yeah, well you’re gonna have to do that.

I’ve had crushes, on both real people and fictional characters, with my fictional relationships having lasted a lot longer (don’t you judge me!) but even when I was feeling the disappointment of rejection or the ego pain of not having my feelings reciprocated, I knew that wasn’t love I was feeling. I didn’t need those people, at least not for anything truly long-term. I wanted them, I wanted them to want me, but 50% of the reason was because I was an insecure teen and the other 50% was because they were male-babes, otherwise knows as Maybies.

I don’t know if I’m unrealistic or if I’m the last self aware person standing, but to me when real love hits you, you can’t do without it. It doesn’t last for a few days, a month or even a few years. It’s forever. That’s not to say I think being in love means that your relationship will last forever with that person, because no matter how great the feeling is (or at least how I imagine it to be) it’s not an ink eraser for a person’s serious flaws. And as far as I can tell love doesn’t mean happiness and it doesn’t mean you dismiss everything wrong, it just means you take the good with the bad with the ugly.

According to a psychologist whose-name-I-can’t-remember, the feeling of being in love has an expiration date. This time is not set, but it is supposedly certain. After you come down from that emotional high, you’re only left with that person and your commitment to them. So if at the end you can still accept them without having to ‘deal with them’ and you now know how painfully annoying they are and can even recognize their fart odour, then you’re on to a great thing.

They say.

Right now for me love is still chocolate cake.


Clueless Wisdom Filled Faux Love Expert…The Sixth.



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