Burpees – Kind of like shagging the floor.

Burpees - Kind of like shagging the floor.

One of the hardest things for me when it comes to not living in any one place for a decent amount of time is keeping up an exercise routine. I always walk a lot, just for fun and because I don’t want to ever feel my butt on the backs of my ankles.

Anyway, last night I started a burpee routine! I’m doing Ladder Burpees, which means doing 10, stopping, doing 9, stopping, 8, etc. I hate working out in front of people, particularly because I look kind of like a drowning cat when I exercise – mouth hanging open, clothes drenched in sweat, scrambling out a wedgie – you should see me, it’s pretty sexually attractive.

So I youtubed how to do them, the proper posture and all that, went out onto the balcony and dropped to the floor. And each time I went down, I felt like there should be some unimpressed naked girl lying underneath me. It really did feel like shagging the floor.

Overall I liked it. It was fun. I must have done something wrong though cause even though most of the good places hurt, only one butt cheek feels the strain! I might have half a rock hard ass, and the other half will just be chilling somewhere below my knees.

Goal: To do a handstand without crashing onto my face and needing reconstructive surgery.

Motivation: Whenever I feel like I don’t want to workout, I imagine Tony Stark giving me a really unimpressed look. Like I’m a serious douchebag and need to cut it out. Works for me.


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