Book Recommendation: Let The Right One In

Book Recommendation: Let The Right One In

I don’t know about you, but I think books are the best creation in the entire world.
And this particular book is a real gem. It’s already a film in both Sweden and America (Swedish version is far superior) so I’m late.

Now for the part that puts people off: it is sort of a vampire story. Which is when I hear groans and people start having flashbacks of Twilight. Nothing like!

Set in 1981 in Blackeberg, Sweden, it’s a book which is totally set in reality apart from the one character, Eli, who is a 12 year old girl (who is actually 200 years old). The main character is Oscar, a bullied boy with zero confidence and a fascination with murder.

This book is for all intents and purposes, heavy. It deals with paedophilia, murder, torture, abduction, bullying and loss. Yet despite that it manages to inject in a lot of humour, specifically with Oscar who is one of the most unique characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of ‘getting to know’.

I wish I could tell you the full story, BUT that would be evil ^_^
So please, please, please read this book! It’s awesome! Amazing! Wunderbar! Frikin spectacular! It’s all that and a bag of chips.
Seriously, I’ll irritate you all until you go to Amazon or to your local library and pick this up.

And AFTER you read it, watch the Swedish movie. It managed to capture it all.

(This book is NOT for children).


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