Instant Happiness Methods!

There are a few things which make you feel automatically happy. Obviously one of them would be this baby cartoon owl singing about…the moona and the joona and the springa, because otherwise … you’re probably dead inside.

For me I get happy by eating unholy amounts of ice cream, chocolatey things, cartoons, hobos break dancing and Zach Galifinakis.

However I’ve heard alcohol works too, but as far as I’m concerned it tastes like Death urinated into an ashtray.

Other methods of happiness include:
– Working out (releases endorphins, which is very scientific and endorphiny)
– Singing (it’s been proven that elderly people who sing are a lot less likely to suffer from depression and heart disease, so next time someone says “You sound like a cat being beaten in a pot of boiling water!” you shall respond first by “Woah, like totally insulting and PETA disapproved” and then “This is a matter of life or death!” Our ears bleed for your health.
– Dancing. It’s a combination of the first two (kinda), and personally I feel pretty swell doing the tango while I boil porridge. Ugh, I’m so cultured it’s devastating.
– Murder. I’m not listing science or sources, but if that one applies to you then maybe you should try, like…I don’t know, volleyball? Ping-pong? Therapy, maybe?


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